Who We Are

The Cold Spring Boat Club is a cooperative boat club located on the east bank of the Hudson River in the Village of Cold Spring, NY. It provides Philipstown residents’ access to boating, swimming, fishing, and more. The Club is comprised of over 150 members who maintain more than 75 boat slips.

The Boat Club strives to promote a family friendly atmosphere through social events within the community, such as clam bakes, BBQ’s, and the Father’s Day breakfast. The Club offers regular donations and the use of its facilities to local organizations and events. Outside docks are available to the public, which provides access to the Village and greatly contributes to its bustling restaurants and shops. The local Sheriff’s and Fire Department are provided with permanent slips and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has unlimited access to the Club’s boat ramp. The Club regularly hosts boater safety courses and boat inspections to promote safety on the water.

It is a working club in which all the tasks of running the club are performed by Club members and all regular members are required to contribute 35 hours per year towards club tasks. Docks are installed and removed each year by the membership, which, along with maintenance of the equipment and the docks, accounts for the majority of the effort. The Club boasts an assortment of blue and white collar individuals that work together to perform the various tasks of carpentry, welding, operating, physical labor, and construction necessary to preserve the Club. New members are trained by experienced members to ensure a safe working environment.

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Founded in 1955 by an ambitious group of local boat owners, the Cold Spring Boat Club was started with a lease from the Cold Spring Lumber Company who originally owned the land. Eventually the Village of Cold Spring bought the property from the Cold Spring Lumber Company and leased it to the Boat Club. Docks were constructed from scratch; prior to that, only several wooden railroad ties had served as a dock. Today, the club boasts a complex array of docks totaling over 3,000 feet in length yielding more than 75 boat slips. The building, originally used by the Lumber Company to build trusses, was in dire need of work when it was taken over by the Club. The building underwent significant renovations to make it safe to occupy and fit the needs of the Club. Among other things, indoor restrooms were installed to replace the previous outhouses. Although the building was recently demolished as part of an environmental remediation, the Club continues to thrive.

The founding members contributed body and soul to the advancement of the Club. When the original charter was created on July 23, 1955, the club had only fourteen members and four directors. Some of the original members are still life members today. Life members have given more than 25 years of service to the Club, while many still continue to contribute today. Membership has since grown exponentially, increasing to more than 150 members. This is attributed to the inclusive nature of the Club and its members.
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