Who We Are

The Cold Spring Boat Club is a cooperative boat club located on the east bank of the Hudson River in the village of Cold Spring, NY. The club has approximately 160 members and maintains 76 boat slips. It is a working club in which all the tasks of running the club are performed by club members and all regular members are required to contribute 35 hours per year to club tasks. Membership is open to residents of Cold Spring, residents of Philipstown, and children and spouses of current and former regular members. Anyone interested in club membership should contact a club officer.

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Founded in 1955 by a small group of village boat owners, the club began with a lease from the Cold Spring Lumber Company, who leased it one of its buildings for a mere $1 per year. The building, originally used by the Lumber Company to build trusses, was in dire need of work when it was turned over to the boat club . The dozen or so original members contributed body and soul to the renovation of the club, installing indoor restrooms to replace the previous two outhouses, prior to that, only several wooden railroad ties had served as a dock. When the original charter was created on July 23, 1955, the club had only fourteen members and four directors. Since then, membership has grown greatly, increasing in number to about 65 associate members and 82 regular members. Eventually the Village of Cold Spring bought the property and leased it to the boat club. Membership is automatically open to all residents of the Village of Cold Spring while Philipstown residents must be voted in. The club is not currently open to new members from outside of Philipstown.